You have been directed to this page because you have been using one or more photos, which is under copyright and belongs to our Agency, Badmintonphoto. This means you have done a copyright infringement – this is usually severely invoiced with penalty fees.

We, at Badmintonphoto, believe in “second chances”. We do know that not every one is aware of the way images can be used – or not. This is why we are willing to explain to you how things work, and give you the chance to amend your mistake. You will then be aware that this wrongful use of our images in any of your publications will be invoiced next time.

Here is what you need to do, if you want to avoid the invoice for the use and the penalty fee for copyright infringement.

  1. Take down immediately all images that belong to Badmintonphoto (we also provide all BWF’s platforms) from your publications
  2. Fill out this form. Once this is filled, you will get an email saying that we will not invoice you this time. This is your second chance. If you are caught using our images again after filling the form and being warned, you will be invoiced and will have to pay for a penalty fee. Even if you take down our images. Click HERE to fill the form


Creating images takes time. Money. Sometimes, talent 🙂 We, at Badmintonphoto, travel around the world to shoot the best players in the best tournaments. This means that we pay for flights, hotels, food, for our expensive equipment, and their repair when it breaks down. We work (very) long hours so that the players can be in the limelight.

If you use our images without our permission, without any reward, this means that you are not respecting our work. And if everybody does it, soon, we will not be able to travel, and take photos for anyone to enjoy. It’s true for us, but for any other photographers, or Agencies. Taking images from the internet and republishing them somewhere means that you are stealing someone’s work. And it is simply forbidden by all the laws in all countries. Sometimes, it’s punished quite severely and you could be asked for thousands of dollars of compensation for the simple use of an image under copyright.