Badmintonphoto has the largest badminton database with over 400,000 images from more than 15 years of major tournaments. Badmintonphoto is the Official Agency of:

who we are

About Us

Badmintonphoto is the world’s leading photography agency specializing in badminton. Its team of professional photographers covers a great variety of events, ranging from the Badminton World Federation’s (BWF) top international events, The Olympic Games, to national and regional championships.

Badmintonphoto’s catalogue is a living photo archive offering quick and regular updates of badminton’s major international tournaments. Media, players, national federations, brands, institutions and sponsors only need a personalized login and password to browse our 400,000-image strong catalogue covering over 15 years of events.

For our media clients, our badmintonwire network can provide them with live pictures just moments after an event. Whatever the purpose, our photos are available online for licensing in a variety of formats.

Based in Paris, Badmintonphoto is a registered photo agency as well as the BWF’s official photo agency since its foundation in 2004.

What We Do

Our Services

Badmintonphoto is the only Photo Agency in a specialized sport with a live wire network which is provided by all the big Agencies. Our clients can benefit a unique tool, which enables them to browse through the images taken live from tournaments. This wire network also contains thousands of archive photos, with a new search option, by pre-registered names of players, coaches, officials, but also by a very accurate advanced search by country and events.

Badmintonphoto offers a wide range of services for various professional needs and clients: sponsors, brands, national federations, players and media. Our services cover:


On court action photos
(players, officials, staff)
Off court photos
(venue, VIP stands, outside halls)
Studio portraits
(players, gear, equipment)
(on request)
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The Team

Raphael Sachetat

Based in Paris, France – CEO

Co-founder and co-owner of Badmintonphoto with Jean-François Chauveau. Raphaël is the agency’s spiritual father as well as its CEO. As a reporter and photographer, he has covered over 300 international tournaments in the past 20 years amongst which three Olympic Games. He was London 2012 Olympics Photo Manager at the Badminton Venue.  

Jean-François Chauveau

Montpellier, France – Webmaster

Co-founder and co-owner of Badmintonphoto with Raphaël Sachetat. Jean-François is the man behind Badmintonphoto’s technical tools. Jean-François is also Badmintonphoto’s webmaster and the creator of our Badmintonwire website which allows clients to access live images from events, making it a unique tool in the world of sport.

Yves Lacroix

Vice President, Québec

 is a professional archivist. He is in charge of Badmintonphoto’s entire database –  he ensures quality control of the tens of thousands of files and their metadata. He is also one of the leading photographers in Badmintonphoto and has covered over 100 international tournaments since 2004.


Yohan Nonotte

Based in Paris, France

Yohan is a young and brilliant photographer who joined Badmintonphoto in 2004. He has covered many tournaments for the agency all around the world and has since then taken many hats. He is also in charge of Badmintonphoto’s administrative tasks.

Mikael Ropars

Based in Nantes, France

Mikael Ropars joined the Badmintonphoto team in 2014 and started covering events in France. But soon, the « virus » struck and he became one of the regular photographers for Badmintonphoto, covering major events around the globe. He is fast and has a solid technological background which is always great help once we have to solve technical issues.

Erika Wyatt Sauwachi

Based in Tokyo, Japan

Erika is one of Badmintonphoto’s newest photographer. With a Bachelor in Photo Journalism from Staffordshire University in the UK, she has quickly picked up on how to become  a talented sports photographer. She has since been touring the world to cover all major event. And has been appointed by Tokyo 2020 as their Venue Photo Manager to look after the world’s best photographers for the Olympics.

Sven Heise

Based in Germany

Sven has joined Badmintonphoto in 2005 as a freelance photographer and has become a regular provider of Badmintonphoto’s live coverage of events throughout Europe. Sven has his own photo database aimed mainly at German customers.

Jnanesh Salian

Based in  Mangalore, India

Jnanesh Salian has joined Badmintonphoto in 2016 as a freelance photographer. With a great eye and vision, he is also a badminton fanatic and much involved in his home town of Mangalore, where he runs the Golden Shuttle Badminton Academy, brooming future stars. He’s covered many events on the International stage for Badmintonphoto


Other freelance photographers also work on a regular basis for Badmintonphoto. They are chosen for the quality of their work as well as for their reliability. Badminton requires experience and specific photo equipment and all Badmintonphoto contributors are able to master the difficult lighting conditions badminton photographers have to cope with.

If you have this special « eye », a good photo equipment and a passion for badminton, contact us if you want to join the team.

They trust us

Our Clients

As the BWF’s official photo agency, Badmintonphoto is able to provide national federations with global packages at very competitive rates. Whether for printed or online magazines, event programs, tournament prints or media work, Badmintonphoto can offer unlimited access to its database for such needs. On demand pictures of specific players and teams can also be provided, as well as event packages for specific tournaments (World championships, Sudirman, Thomas & Uber Cups).

Badmintonphoto has been working closely for many years with the following national and international federations:
Badminton World Federation
Badminton Association of England
Badminton Denmark
Fédération Française de Badminton
Badminton Austria

Other regular clients are:

Badminton Europe, Badminton Oceania, Badminton Asia, Badminton PanAm , Badminton Africa, Badminton Association of Austria, German Badminton Association, Finland Badminton Association, Nippon Badminton Association, Swedish Badminton Association and many others.

“ The BWF is happy to have a partnership with a reliable and professional outfit such as Badmintonphoto. Badmintonphoto offers great pictures that capture the very essence of the dynamic and beautiful nature of the sport.”

Selvam Supramanian, BWF Senior Tournament Manager

Badmintonphoto pictures are published in and by various media (magazines, newspapers, websites) and press agencies worldwide. In just a few clicks, media agencies can have free access to browse our comprehensive archive and live database. Just a few more clicks are required to use selected pictures on a pay-per-use basis.

Badmintonphoto is one of the few specialized agencies offering on-demand services for media outlets. Badmintonphoto also offers partnerships with press agencies in any given country for exclusive rights of use and sale of its images. Specific agreements can be negotiated upon request.

Publications and Agencies :

The Star (Malaysia), L’Équipe (France), Badminton Magazine (Japan), Isport International Magazine (United Kingdom), 100 % Badminton (France), Badminton Magazine (China), ChinaFotoPress (Agency, China), Scanpix (Agency, Denmark), and many more.

“ We trust Badmintonphoto as we’ve worked with this Agency for many years. For us, media, not only quality, but speed is crucial, and Badmintonphoto staff have always been very efficient in sending the photos fast when we needed them”

Yoshimi Suzuki, Editor Badminton Magazine, Japan

Badmintonphoto provides direct services to many top players who use our photos for their communication needs – official websites, Facebook pages, media work or simply to print our professional photos for their fans or for their private needs. Unique “Live packages” are offered to players at very competitive prices, which is a great way to display their skills and performances as well as a great way to promote their image.

Amongst our clients are Peter Gade, Tine Rasmussen, Judith Meulendijks, Hans Kristian Vitthingus, Jan O Jorgensen, Kaveh Mehrabi, Kamilla Juhl and Christinna Pedersen, Pi Hongyan, and many more.

“ Badmintonphoto is a very reliable source that I have been using for many years now. Their photographers follow us on the tour and provide us with excellent photos for us to use. It’s a great service.”

Peter Gade, Denmark

Badminton’s leading brands use Badmintonphoto images with unlimited rights for their portfolio, advertising needs and media communications. Badmintonphoto’s expertise is of great help for our clients’ special needs, such as specific photo shootings, equipment advertising, and store openings.

Sponsors involved with badminton also use Badmintonphoto images to enjoy the full benefits of their investment for all kinds of promotional material at very reasonable prices.

Our photographers are the best in the field and their experience with difficult shooting conditions is the best guarantee for high quality pictures.

Our Clients:
Ashaway, Babolat, Carlton, Forza, Head, Li-Ning, Victor, Wilson, Yonex, Zamst.

“ We have been working with badmintonphoto for the third consecutive year as we are really satisfied with the quality of images, but also the speed of work in any of our special or urgent requests. Badmintonphoto should be thanked for this excellent job”

Nicolas Sené, Babolat