If you compete in any BWF tournament in 2023 – 2026, you are entitled to get an access to our database thanks to the ongoing contract Badmintonphoto has with the BWF. You have 2 options :

1.The Free players access pack
This pack is free for players. It allows you to download images in web resolution with our logo in order to use on your official website and social networks (Courtesy of BWF and Badmintonphoto). Fill the form HERE

2.The Gold Pack
This pack is for you to enjoy high resolution images, it guarantees that we take almost of your matches, and allows you to send the images to media at no extra costs and many other benefits. You can take the Gold pack for the year (1100 € for one player, 1600 € for one pair) or for one tournament (110 € for one player, 160 € for one pair). Fill the form HERE

USEFree AccessGold Pack
Guaranty to shoot your matchesNoYes (90%)
Direct access to your own photos on WireNoYes
Live Notification by mail (each time new photos are uploaded on wire)NoYes
Your WebsiteYes (web resolution with watermark)+creditYes (HD resolution with or without watermark)+credit
Your Social MediaYes (web resolution with watermark)+creditYes (HD resolution with or without watermark)+credit
Print : PostcardNoYes
Print : Sponsorship bookletNoYes
Print : Flyer/poster/bannerNoYes
Media work (media can use the images for free)NoYes (yearly pack only)
Media service (we send to your list of media for semi finals and finals) NoNo (extra option to come later)
Commercial useNoNo

Only players with images appearing in BP’s database or playing in an upcoming tournament will be granted an access, in the form of a confidential login and password. Anyone (fan, media, blog) pretending to be a player with BWF ID will be fined by the Agency.

FREE ACCESS : How does it work ?

All players have to do is to register on our wire platform with an online contract to sign. Each player will receive a login and password to access our database and will then be able to download our images, new ones and ones from our archives. Searches are easy thanks to a search engine.

Matches covered are randomly selected and there are no guarantees that your match will be featured in the coverage of the day. We will however cover major upsets as well as all players involved in semi finals and finals matches. No requests can be done directly to Badmintonphoto. Only Gold pack members are guaranteed a coverage of all 90 % of their matches (except unforeseen circumstances).

Images that you can download are with an ideal resolution for Web use with the Badmintonphoto watermark which will have to remain at all times. The New features on Badmintonwire allow players to chose which platform they want to post the images on, with a dedicated cropping tool.

What you can do with our images through this contract :
– All social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc)
– Your own official website (news, features, etc)

What you can’t do with these images
– You can not give any images (or your login) to any third party (unless they are your agent or webmaster)
– You can not download any other images than the ones featuring yourself or general illustration images)
– You can not print our images for any publication
– You can not alter images other than though the online cropping tools : Only color filters are ok.

If you break any of these rules, we will remind you first, then cancel your account and possibly invoice you for the wrong use of images. Should you need high resolution images, for any other use, you can opt for the Gold Pack here

All images remain the intellectual property of Badmintonphoto and BWF (authors rights).


– Semi finals and finals of HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
– All HSBC BWF World Tour Super 500
– All HSBC BWF World Tour Super 750
– All HSBC BWF World Super 1000
– HSBC BWF World finals 2023-26
– BWF – TOTALEnergies Sudirman Cup 2023-25
– BWF Thomas and Uber Cup 2024-24
– BWF TOTALEnergies World Championships 2023-2026
– BWF TOTALEnergies World Junior team and Individual Championships 2023-26

Are excluded from this contract (you can ask us for pay per use) :
– Continental Championships
– National Championships
– All Multisport events

Please bare with us if it takes a bit of time to send you your login and password as a lot of players will probably want to enjoy this service. Thank you

If you have any question, or if you want to use one or more image for other purposes, we will send you a quote. You can reach us here : raphael.sachetat@badmintonphoto.com or by Whats app : +33 660 68 25 04

Players have to fill this form themselves and give correct information